Checklist When Leaving Your Unit For More Than 48 Hours


Checklist when you are leaving your unit for more than 48 hours.

 Turn off main water supply to your unit. Reference Section 10.6, Declaration of Condominium.
 Turn off breaker to hot water heater
 Do not turn off your air conditioner. Set you air conditioner and humidistat according the instructions.
 Lock all windows and doors.
 Remove patio furniture, plants, etc. and store inside your unit.
 Remove all perishable items including boxes of cereal, etc. or store thing in your refrigerator.
 Unplug all major appliances except refrigerator. DO NOT TURN OFF REFRIGERATOR. Turn off ice maker.
 Put vinegar (mixture of ¾ water & ¼ bleach) down A/C condensate drain once a month.
 Disconnect TV cable and electric cable to TV and stereo.
 Have phone service put on vacation or shut off.
 Cancel newspapers.
 Forward your mail.
 Arrange for watch service if unoccupied for three or more weeks.
(Notify the Management Company of name of watch service or person

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