Important Information From The Board of Directors

We have a website & calendar with tons of information.  Please check on the calendar to see events or contact a board member to add one. For example: Call the Antimidators 239-986-0470

New Pest Control At Greenfield Village | Instructions to Owners

Dear Owners, Please be advised that as of Tuesday, June 1st, Antimidators will begin providing pest control services for the association. If you need to contact Antimidators to make an appointment for interior pest control, they can be reached at (239) 986-0470. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you. Shelly B. Mandell

Checklist When Leaving Your Unit For More Than 48 Hours

GREENFIELD VILLAGE HOMEOWNERS’S ASSOCIATION, INC. Checklist when you are leaving your unit for more than 48 hours.  Turn off main water supply to your unit. Reference Section 10.6, Declaration of Condominium. Turn off breaker to hot water heater Do not turn off your air conditioner. Set you air conditioner and humidistat according the instructions. Lock all windows and doors. … Read More