Message from the Prez aka “the Boss” (Updated September 15, 2023)

  •  Do NOT flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet! Flushable wipes, Kleenex, cotton balls, facial or baby wipes will clog up your pipes as well as your neighbors causing a sewage backup!
  • Do NOT unscrew or replace lightbulbs outside your front door.  Call a Board member (see bulletin boards) to report it.  We use special LED bulbs. 

  • PLEASE pay your quarterly dues on time.  This saves you multiple fines and the HOA postal costs and extra charges from Sandcastle for processing.  Since we can’t always depend on the postal service to be timely, back up your mailing by check a week or better yet, set up auto pay through Sandcastle or our apps.  We depend on your quarterly dues to pay our contractors and needed improvements.

  • Hurricane season runs from August thru November each year.  We’ve been very lucky at Greenfield Village but there are a few things you can do to help mitigate damages.  Besides the email blasts sent out by the County and Sandcastle, I made a few notes too:
    • Pre-plan with a neighbor for help from them or to help them,
    • Relocate those beautiful outside pots and plants as they become projectiles,
    • If you don’t have a home watch person, get one for unseen emergencies.

  • Budget planning starts in October for Board members, so if you have a wish list, tell us.

  • The 2024 Budget will be finalized in November. A copy of the proposed 2024 Budget will be mailed to you prior to the Budget Adoption Meeting.

  • WE NEED YOU TO VOLUNTEER FOR AREAS OF INTEREST.  We are all volunteers and, in an effort, to reduce paid contractor costs, we need you to use your expertise or interest for ongoing projects such as landscaping, irrigation, pool, website, forms, policies, parking, paving, etc. Volunteering can be rewarding.   PLEASE contact Sandcastle with your interest. If you are interested in volunteering please email Lissie Gil at LissieG@

  • TURN OFF THE WATER TO YOUR UNIT WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF TOWN!  If you have a water leak, it can ruin your condo and that of your neighbors.

  • Do NOT leave items around dumpsters.  Do not leave items you think others may want, take them to a charity because Waste Management will NOT empty our dumpsters. 

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