Important Message Regarding The Recycling Bins

It has come to the Boards attention that the rules for recycling are not being followed by some owners.

This has caused a foul stench and swarms of flies at the recycle bins.

Recent discoveries in one recycle bin revealed dirty food containers, bagged recyclables, and yes, even a plastic bag of dog excrement. How disgusting is that!

Proper recycling is not difficult. However, if you as an owner are unwilling or unable to properly recycle, please just toss your stuff in the dumpster. 

For those of you who are willing and able to recycle properly please refer to the following.

1. Remove all food waste from containers.

2. Do not bag recyclables, leave them loose.

3. Plastic 1-5 and 7 are recyclable. If it looks like a bottle, jar, jug, or tub recycle it.

4. Rinsed cans made of tin, aluminum, or steel are recyclable.

5. Rinsed glass bottles and jars that are brown, green, or clear are recyclable.

6. Paper, cardboard, cereal boxes, magazines, newspapers, milk cartons, and juice cartons are recyclable. Soiled or wet paper material is trash and goes in the dumpster.

7. All Boxes must be flattened. If you are unwilling or unable to flatten a box put it in the dumpster.

8. If you want to be an especially good neighbor go to the recycle bins in the back of the enclosure. I do that and if I can squeeze back there every other able bodied owner can as well. Save the front bins for those unable to use the back ones. This is a suggestion, not a rule.

Fines can be imposed on owners not following these simple rules. We look forward to your cooperation and courtesy to your fellow owners. Thank you.

Gayla Boss

President Greenfield Village HOA

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