Your Board of Directors

Here is your new Board of Directors. We welcome Gayla Boss as our Community President, Joan Iandimarino as the Board Secretary, Jane Hauck as Treasurer, Vice President Leigh Adams and Meredith Maker, Director.

Important Message From Gayla Boss, President GVHOA – Process for Making Changes, Improvements, Renovations to Your Condo

The purpose of this letter is to help explain the process for making changes, improvements, renovations, etc. to your condo. Prior to the work being done, in most cases, it is necessary to submit an Architecture or Landscape Modification Request to the Board of Directors. This form can be found on this website under “Forms.”Below I will show what frequently … Read More

Important Message Regarding The Recycling Bins

It has come to the Boards attention that the rules for recycling are not being followed by some owners. This has caused a foul stench and swarms of flies at the recycle bins. Recent discoveries in one recycle bin revealed dirty food containers, bagged recyclables, and yes, even a plastic bag of dog excrement. How disgusting is that! Proper recycling is … Read More