Important Message From Gayla Boss, President GVHOA – Process for Making Changes, Improvements, Renovations to Your Condo

The purpose of this letter is to help explain the process for making changes, improvements, renovations, etc. to your condo.

Prior to the work being done, in most cases, it is necessary to submit an Architecture or Landscape Modification Request to the Board of Directors. This form can be found on this website under “Forms.”
Below I will show what frequently done work needs this form, which we refer to as an ARC. And I will show frequently done work that does not require an ARC.

Now this next bit of information is extremely important. If your work requires an ARC, that work must also be permitted by Collier County to a licensed General Contractor (GC), or if it is just plumbing to a licensed Plumbing Contractor, or if it is only electric work to a licensed Electrical Contractor. The license and proof of insurance must be submitted to the Board of Directors, via Sandcastle Community Management for approval, before work can commence.

If the Board of Directors discovers that work that needs a permit is being done, and no ARC has been submitted, and no permit has been granted by the County, we will notify County Code Enforcement and they will come onsite and issue a Stop Work Order. This has already happened in Greenfield Village. Code Enforcement is quite prompt in responding to these reports.

So, the following list shows work that needs an ARC form, and needs to be permitted by the County to a licensed (in Florida) contractor.

1. water heater

2. repiping

3. toilet replacement

4. shower plumbing replacement( the general rule on plumbing is if you go into a wall or floor you need a permit)

5. stove or microwave vent that goes into a wall

6. countertops

7. cabinets that are removed (you can replace cabinet doors without a permit)

8. exterior doors

9. windows

10. dry wall removal (except what is incidental to plumbing or electrcal work)

11. tile removal

12. carpeting (if you expose the floor membrane, otherwise no permit needed)

13. electrical work that involves going into the wall, such as adding outlets.

14. AC unit replacement15. electrical panel replacement

The next list shows work that does not need a permit, so it does not need an ARC form.

1. painting (interior painting only, except for white window trim is okay on the outside)

2. interior door replacement where there were already doors there

3. faucet replacement at existing location

4. light fixture replacement at existing location5. dishwasher replacement at existing location

5. microwave and stove replacement unless vented into a common wall7. refrigerator replacement

6. disposal

7. washer and dryer replacement in existing location.

8. carpeting, unless you expose the floor membrane.

These lists cover most common renovations. If in doubt, ask a board member or simply submit an ARC form. I hope this information is helpful.

Gayla Boss, President, Greenfield Village HOA

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