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Lease Application Process Explained

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We at Sandcastle Community Management are excited to announce that we have moved the lease processing and applicable screenings to a more efficient online application process with a national industry leader named Tenant Evaluation.

Please know that the new leasing application can only be completed online by the applicant.

The applicants will access the Tenant Evaluation website by using the attached "live code sheet".  Please note that each community application has a specific code that identifies the specific community and type of application needed that is listed on this sheet.

Please save this informational live code sheet so you can forward it to your prospective tenants if they would like to apply for a rental.  Your applicants will also be able to access this sheet via your community website (if applicable).  Please know that this live code sheet will replace ALL paper applications going forward.

As a part of the new online process, the applicant will simply enter the electronic information online similar to any other online application.  This allows for catching any possible mistakes immediately which will help process the applications quicker and more efficiently!

The applicant will also have confirmation buttons that must be checked indicating they have read and understand all of the specific community needed.  The new electronic application has been modified to fit your communities current documents!

The applicant must upload all pertinent documents (ID, signed lease amendments etc.) before the application is considered completed.  A dedicated Tenant Evaluation representative is assigned to each lease application transaction to ensure any questions are answered during this document round up and application entry process to facilitate a quick application entry.

The applicant will be able to make an online payment at the time of application.  This online process will also create a history log of time-stamped data showing when the application was first submitted, completed, and decision made!
We are excited to bring you this new capability so that your applicants have the best application experience!

*Please know the Tenant Evaluation support line is 305.692.7900 Ext 163.

Calling this Tenant Evaluation phone number will help the applicant with any questions or concerns in their process.

We have also included the Tenant Evaluation website address and directory below for your added convenience!  Thank you!

Client Relations:

Carmel Silveira:
[email protected]
305.692.7900 Ext 156


Abby Leon:
[email protected]
305.692.7900 Ext 161
Bahar Bahmani:
[email protected]
305.692.7900 Ext 160
Vice President of Sales:
Tom Tauber:
[email protected]